Who is my employer?

SuiteMate Staffing Solutions is your employer of record until you become a permanent
employee of the client you are assigned.

How often will I get paid?

SuiteMate Staffing Solutions pays weekly on Friday. You are required to work a week before
your first paycheck.

Will I get benefits?

SuiteMate Staffing Solutions offers several benefits packages to meet the diverse needs of
employees. There is a waiting period for some plans offered. We offer a variety of benefit packages that meet all the requirements of the ACA. Certain partnerships with our clients may include paid time off as an added benefit to SuiteMate Staffing Solutions employees.

Who should I contact in case of an emergency of if I need to call off?

Contact SuiteMate Staffing Solutions at (817) 405-9226 and we will provide you with next
steps. If your emergency occurs after hours, please call the number provided to you during onboarding.

How do I get registered with SuiteMate Staffing Solutions?

Create a profile and complete the online application. If you have a resume, you should upload
it at the time you complete your application. The application is a 100% online process. Next steps will be provided once we receive your new profile information.

What happens if my assignment does not work out?

You can be reassigned depending on the reason the assignment did not work out.

I was interviewed. Why hasn’t anyone contacted me?

It is standard practice that candidates can expect to be contacted within 1 – 2 days after an
interview with a client in part to our clients interviewing multiple candidates for the position. If you have not received any feedback within 3 days of interviewing, you should call our office to
inquire at (817) 405-9226.


What are the terms of the staffing agreements?

We offer our clients flexible contract terms to accommodate the flexibility they seek in
bringing on temp workers to supplement their current workforce.

Does SuiteMate Staffing Solutions cover insurances for the employees?

As the employer of record, SuiteMate Staffing Solutions offers professional and liability
coverage, worker’s compensation coverage, unemployment insurance coverage.

Can we refer a candidate that we are interested in but want to try them out before we hire

Absolutely! Reverse referrals are a popular option in our service line. When our clients
choose this option, they enjoy the benefit of bringing a prospect on without the commitment to hire right away. We gladly partner with our clients to accommodate this request.

We love our temp employee(s), how soon can we hire them?

Our clients have the option to buy our employees out of their contractual agreements if
they feel the employees are a fit for their organization before the maturity date of the contract for the employee(s).

Can SuiteMate Staffing Solutions hire someone for us without a temp working period?

Yes, this is called a direct hire placement. Please call our office for additional information.

Are background screens conducted for temp placements/direct hires?

Yes, please call our office for additional information.

What are the benefits of partnering with SuiteMate Staffing Solutions to fill my open

Bad hires are COSTLY, and it takes a considerable amount of time to make the right hire
decision. Our team of recruiters constantly work for you to source, screen, and present
qualified candidates. This is what we do every day, all day, which gives us the edge in vetting
out employees who will do a great job for you. Our job is to recruit for you while you
maintain production, increase profits, retain, and develop your existing staff and work to
meet your core business goals and objectives. All of these things help save money and valuable time.

What is the turn around to receive temp workers?

This is dependent on the type of worker requested. Please call our office for additional