To Our Community,

We are living in and conducting business in uncertain times.  COVID-19 has forced us to adjust our lifestyles as well as our workstyles.  Many of us have adjusted the way we conduct business, pursue new business, and go about our daily lives altogether.  The key is to remain connected, check on each other, seek out opportunities to assist where needed.

No one is certain how long this pandemic will last, but we (SuiteMate Staffing Solutions) know that this too shall pass!  Right now, more than ever, we must be strong and resilient together.  The Bible says “And we know that in all things God, works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. – Romans 8:28.

Something good to come out of this pandemic is self-discovery.  Many of us have used this life adjustment to reflect and reset.  The aftermath of COVID-19 will see us stronger, more efficient, well rounded, and with a greater sense of purpose.

I am especially thankful that even though we are navigating choppy waters, we still find time to connect with each other and shower one another with acts of kindness and words of encouragement.  This is proof that we will NOT be defeated!  Glory!

SuiteMate Staffing Solutions is still in the business of collaborative partnering. Our operations have been impacted by the pandemic as well, however, our job is to continue to be there for our partners and those seeking assistance to help get things back on track and quickly. Our operation is blessed! We are still here, working and we are filled with gratitude for it.

Our fundamental existence is to support the need to get people working, ALL People, no matter what industry, what skill level, socio-economic background, or level of education.  Our mission remains to Employ the Talents of All Individuals.

Together we will beat this and look back on this time in amazement of human compassion during a time we have never seen in our lifetime.  I want to thank every health care professional, research scientist, grocery store associate, environmental services associate, child care worker, teacher, public or mass transportation worker, truck driver, and many others who have done an incredible job holding us together.  You guys have been our rock during this difficult time and the team at SuiteMate Staffing Solutions SALUTE YOU and the HEROIC efforts you have put forth to keep us going.

I leave you with faith that our economy will endure a speedy recovery and have a heightened trust in God that he is still in control and will deliver us from this.

Stay Hopeful! Stay Safe! Stay Strong!

Eureka Pinkney


SuiteMate Staffing Solutions, Inc.

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