You’ve just started a new job and the sky’s the limit! You might ask yourself “How do I turn my job into a successful career?”  How do I get promoted?  Here are a few tips to lead you in the right direction.

Do what others will not do.


Learn and put into practice this one idea and watch your boss take notice.  Favor will be upon you in the workplace! It is worth going the extra mile in this regard. If you are given some new task or some new concept to learn, own it with confidence and enthusiasm.

Always look for opportunities to lead.

Make sure you are also gaining the trust, not only of your bosses but of your coworkers. Be the person that volunteers for projects, such as stepping up to mentor or improve departmental processes. When promotion time comes, management will look for people who have consistently demonstrated these leadership qualities.  Finding opportunities to lead prior to promotion season will show management you are ready for the transition as you would have demonstrated your ability to lead in a proactive fashion.

Become a student of your profession.

There’s endless power in learning your company’s business, beyond just your role. Talk to those in other departments.  It’s a good idea to know your company’s competitors – and how you rate against them.

THE LIST GOES ON AND ON! This list scratches the surface, but you get the idea!

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